Strategy and Consulting

I consult for smaller brands and startups in fashion and the fashion-tech space. I bring years of industry experience to the table along with outside-the-box ideas, technical expertise, and a passion for design thinking. Some examples of past clients and projects include:

- FEED: advised design and production teams on the development of new product categories and provided trend analysis, market projections, designs, and production strategies.

- BODYLABS: consulted on company strategy with regards to fashion industry penetration; manipulated 3D models and executed digital patternmaking to create videos to show how Bodylabs tech could be used for remote, digital garment fittings.

- MAKERGIRL: mentored founders; contributed strategy ideas to engage young women in technology through early exposure to 3D modeling and product design.

- CYANT: serve as an advisor; provide direction and feedback regarding development of app to engage children and young adults with additive manufacturing technologies.

- THE CLARITY PROJECT: contributed strategy and specific jewelry designs to ethical diamond startup; developed storytelling to connect contemporary jewelry designs with brand history and values.

- ONEE: consulted on creative direction, strategy and design for fashion-tech startup; designed smart jewelry facilitating peer-to-peer intervention to prevent sexual assault.

- SYPRESS: provided creative and technical direction for startup developing a line of high-risk sports apparel.

Contact me if you would like to hear more or are interested in consulting services.